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3-комнатная квартира посуточно в Виннице. Ленинский район, ул. Келецкая, 59

Полное описание

Квартира находится рядом с кинотеатром "Мир". Отличный ремонт, новая мебель, чистая постель, полотенца.

Количество спальных мест: (2+2+1+1)
В квартире есть:
  • Лоджия
  • Газовая плита
  • Стиральная машина
  • Телевизор
  • Бойлер
  • Микроволновая печь
  • Душевая кабина
  • Холодильник
  • Кабельное ТВ
  • Электр. чайник
  • Ванна
  • Фен
  • DVD-проигрыватель
  • Электр. плитка
  • Балкон
  • Утюг
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Цена за суткиОт 300 грн.Посмотреть
таблицу тарифов

Календарь и цены

Условные обозначения
- Стоимость за сутки- Дата
- Свободная квартира
- Забронирована
- Свободная до 12:00
- Свободна после 12:00

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Дом "Книга"1.35 кмЦентральный городской парк1.84 кмМузей-усадьба Пирогова2.24 км Водонапорная башня2.78 кмПятничанский замок3 кмПреображенский собор3.12 км


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Отзывы жильцов2 отзыва

  • СветланаВремя поездки: Май 2014

    Отличная квартира. Очень чистая, есть абсолютно все. Просто шикарная.

  • Michael

    I spent 7 days in this apartment and it looks the same in real life as it looks on the photos - comfortable and cosy. There's no photo of the third room. It's smaller than the master bedroom, but its standard is no different from the other rooms. The building looks a bit run down and I was slightly taken aback when I first arrived. An impression that soon passed when I entered the apartment.

    No one seems to drink tap water. However the supermarket sells bottled water, and the prices vary a great deal. There's a pump at the church next to the apartment where people in the neighbourhood get there drinking water from.

    You get to the centre of town by number 6 tram line going eastward, a trip that takes about 10 min. Public transport is efficient and cheep. If I understood things right, it's a flat rate of 1 UAH. Don't be a chicken and take a taxi. If you miss your stop, you just get to see more of town. Basically you can take the number 6 tram from one McDonald's to the other (there are 2 of them in Vinnitsa). The only sensible reason to go to McDonald's (since Ukraine cuisine is excellent and restaurants are very price worthy) is because McDonald's have free Wi-Fi Internet hot spots.

    Across Kelets'ka str. from the movie theatre MIR you have a bank a small supermarket and a post office on Kosmonavtiv ave. Following Kosmonavtiv ave. to the south you will get to a recreational area with a park and lakes. Probably an old tributary to the Southern Bug river.

    There's a much bigger supermarket on the far side of the crossing of Kelets'ka str. and Yunosti ave., a brisk 5 min. walk from the apartment, or one tram stop away westward. On the near side you will find on of the McDonald's I mentioned. It's located in a shopping.

    Don't miss the central park or the WWII monument next to the old water tower in the heart of town over those soldiers killed freeing Ukraine from the nazis. Just across the bridge of the river to your left, you find a statue remembering those who lost there lives in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986.

    I had a very nice stay, and people are nice and helpful. English is weak, but my iPhone and the App "iTranslate" (using Google Translate) was tremendously helpful. I used a Kyivstar prepaid SIM-card accessing the Internet through Edge technology. Even though I used Internet restrictively it set me back about 100 UHA per day.

    The landlady, Viktoriya is very helpful and correct. Her English is weak, but she's got two English speaking friends that help her to interpret. Those two friends can also help you with practical matters like ordering a taxi. Hailing a taxi in the street might, like in many other cities in the world, set you back more than you expected.

    I can recommend this apartment to anyone without hesitations. The stairwell might be a challenge for someone who is physically disabled though. In which case I suggest that you first speak to Viktoriya and express your particular needs.

    My name is Michael and I'm from Sweden.

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Винница, Ленинский район, ул. Келецкая, 59

3-комнатная квартира посуточно в Виннице. Ленинский район, ул. Келецкая, 59