Rules for writing reviews welcomes the initiative to write reviews. They help guests decide on the choice of housing, and our Customer Care Department to ensure that the site presents proposals only from honest owners. But for feedback to be useful, feedback must be credible, informative and non-offensive. To do this, we have compiled a list of simple rules.

Reviews should be relevant and unique

When planning to share your living experience, make sure the selected ad is relevant. Leave feedback only under the object in which you lived.

You can leave a review only on the basis of personal experience of living in a house rented on the site

Reviews of trips made more than 1 month ago are not published.

Reviews will not be allowed to be published in the following cases:

Reviews should be informative

Information in the reviews should describe the impression of living in an apartment. Please refrain from a detailed description of personal experience of communication with owners, their nature and behavior, as this information is based solely on subjective personal experience.

The size of the response should not exceed 1000 printed characters. Write only about the most important things, refraining from minor details.

You may not use commercial email addresses or contact information. Advertising materials of any kind are not published. Links or mentions of any other sites are not allowed.

The review should not contain words in CAPITAL LETTERS (Caps Lock), HTML tags, redundant typographical and punctuation characters, slang.

Reviews from the site should not contain information of an offensive nature.

We do not publish questions or comments addressed to landlords and their representatives, as well as questions and comments addressed to employees and other members of the community, or contain information about them. reserves the right to publish or delete guest feedback or owner's response without giving a reason.